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Back to Basics Education was established in 1990 and has been located in Hampton since 1998.


"Early Learning Classes"

- Ready to Read and Write

- School Readiness Program



Trevor Davies (Director), a primary / special education teacher with 27 years experience, became concerned at the number of students lacking the basics in Maths and English. He started teaching the basics from his home office before moving to professional offices in 1998.


Trevor Davies
Trevor Davies - Director

"Many students need extra time and individual attention to consolidate facts and build solid foundations."

The Centre is specifically designed for professional and confidential tutoring in a relaxed non-threatening environment.

Research shows that one to one tutoring in a professional setting away from the distractions of home is far more effective and efficient.

"Positive changes can happen straight away. The students enjoy coming here because they love the feeling of success."

  Monday - Thursday
  3:00 - 8:00pm
 Saturday   8:00am - 12 noon



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